Snowdonia - part i

Despite gale-force winds, grey skies and pretty much 72 hours of unrelenting rain; Wales managed to remain a truly beautiful specimen of a landscape. What's more, Mikey did that thing again where he managed to find such an absolute corker of a place to stay that you didn’t actually want to go outside for any part of the trip (ahem, Berlin). We did, however, drag ourselves up Snowdon - which was really worth the £25 each because damn, I’m sure the view was really lovely behind all the blinding fog and heavier-than-dwayn-the-rock-johnson-rain. Sidenote: don't visit Wales in April if you'd actually like to see anything and/or remain dry. Bad seasonal choices were made.

In other news, I now fully understand why there are so many jokes about welsh people and sheep. For real, having seen first-hand that the sheep:human ratio is approximately 100:1*, I can tell ewe that if you're into sheep thrills, Wales will be a shear delight (...I'm sorry).
*just googled this because I’m a big fan of the old random stat and apparently the real ratio is 3:1. Shockingly unimpressive. Where are all these Welsh people hiding?! LIES.

Anyway, we are planning on revisiting Wales in the summer when we might finally be treated to some sunlight and mountain views. We might also just sack it off and go to Barcelona instead because, y'know, options.

See what I mean about the location?! I just don't know how Mikey does it. Anyway, I hope you've all had a truly beautiful Easter weekend and are as sufficiently stuffed to the brim with chocolate as I am. Hands up who else is now on a self-imposed chocolate ban until 2020?! I don't think I could physically eat one more chunk, even if you paid me (read: probably could). 

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