Weekend retreat with the mothership

If I could spend every remaining weekend of my life in a deluge of prosecco in the middle of nowhere with my beautiful mother; then I would spend the remainder of my life A Very Happy Woman. 

Sometimes I really do wonder what I must have done in a previous life to deserve such a beautiful and kind person as a mother. I'd hazard a guess that I was some Ghandi, MLK, or Mother Theresa-esque super human because Mrs Leask is a genuine godsend. I swear to high heaven that I am not worthy of her overwhelming awesomeness and unnaturally pure heart. Almost nothing can beat her.

I say almost for one massive, great, big, fat reason. And that reason is this: BATHROBE. Yes, the one thing about this weekend that was better than my mum was being able to swan about in a bathrobe for almost 24 hours straight. Why oh why is life so much better in a bathrobe? I'm pretty sure that it's a scientific certainty that when one is sufficiently bathrobed up, life gets 100 times better. Fun fact: it gets 10000000 times better still if you're rudey nudey underneath because, y'know, FREEDOM.

Yep, it's a pretty short and sweet post because sometimes photographing shit comes a pretty big fat solid second to spending serious quality time with loved ones. That and the fact that we were too busy stuffing-our-faces and putting-the-world-to-rights to take many photos. I'm making this a quarterly event though, so expect to see some more bathrobe appreciation soon. Until then, keep up to date on Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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