Life lessons in London +CitizenM

16 February 2017

I learnt something last weekend. And that something was this: that being able to turn on lights, open blinds, watch films, listen to any radio show or play any music all from the comfort of bed really is the pinacle of Made It. Oh yes, I can confirm that I am now a firm believer in the power of the smart bedroom. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that my life won’t be complete until I can leisurely lie in bed and use an ipad to request that a shepherd's pie sandwich be delivered to me via naked butler. And if I can't have that...well then CitizenM Shoreditch might just be the next best thing...




Would you judge me if I said that staying in this hotel felt like catching up with an old friend? Because I appreciate that's a weird way of characterising a hotel...but then I'm not entirely sure that I can describe it any better. Personalised greetings, wake up messages and cute little "CitizenM says" notes...I mean it really felt like this CitizenM bloke was a good egg. One you'd take home to mama. And I don't know how many of your pals can double up as a portable sightseeing, food and activity finder. #justsayin

The fact that one third of our bedroom was taken up with nothing other than BED was the cherry on top of an already pretty fucking fantastic friendship cake. And don't even get me started on the breakfast selection...



As far as chic and quirky hotels go, I'd say that CitizenM was hittin' up Lady Gaga levels of cool. While not exactly cheap as chips, you can rest assured that what you spend in money; you more than make up for in glorious breakfast spreads and multicoloured light up showers. And I'd genuinely sell my mum to sample their Bircher Muesli again...

And if ALL THAT isn't enough to make you pack up your bags and head to your nearest CitizenM hotel (u k babe? I said MULTI COLOURED LIGHT UP SHOWERS?), then let me leave you with this little nugget of best-friend-ness direct from their website: We don't judge your eating habits, which is why we offer fresh food and drink all day and all night long. Amen, amen, and a million times amen to that. 

*This post was a collaboration with CitizenM but I genuinely would sell my mum to eat their muesli again.

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