The Big Autumn Colour Swoon-fest

30 October 2016

Is there anything in life I love more than autumnal colours?! Well, um, yes actually - Leonardo di Caprio in the Titanic era, kindereggs, fresh sheets, and waking up on a Sunday without a hangover to name a few BUT autumn colours come a very, very close fifth.


Pochahontas missed a serious trick with that painting the colours of the wind shit when she could have painted with the colours of autumn instead. Because not only is asking someone whether they can 'paint with all the colours of the wind' probably not putting you in good stead for that second date, but it's also factually freakin' impossible. Pfft. Rant over. 

And if you've never seen Pochahontas and have absolutely no idea what to make of that last paragraph, then shame on you. Because you're missing out on one of the best films OF ALL TIME. Educate yourself.

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The most beautiful view of Budapest

15 October 2016

If you haven't yet reached that stage in your life where you find euphoric triumph and jubilant glee in stumbling across a really good view, then you might as well remove yourself from this blog. I just do not need that kind of negativity in my life.



On our second day in Budapest, we climbed to the top of Citadel. It's highly possible that the sweat, general out-of-breathness and shameful reminder that I'm a seriously unfit piece of shit would not have been worth it...had it not been for the most spectacular view of the entire city from the top. Be still my beating landscape loving heart. ♥♥♥

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Gals on tour: Shropshire Edition

05 October 2016

Ain’t nothing in the world better than a girlie weekend away. Especially when that girlie weekend teaches you so many rich and fruitful life lessons. So without further ado, this weekend I learnt…
• That the quickest way to silence a car full of people singing enthusiastically to Aerosmith at 3am in the morning on the way home from the kebab shop…is to set off a speed camera    
• That there is no limit to the amount of food that I can cram into my mouth over a 2-day period. Sustenance including but not limited to; MacDonald’s, tapas, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, minstrels, Haribo, a Sunday roast, a kebab, percy pigs, pancakes and bourbons   
• That nothing will kill pre-drink merriment quicker than dropping and breaking the iPhone of a person you’ve only just met     
• That Weatherspoon’s is sticky regardless of whether you’re in shitty Redhill or glorious Shropshire   
• That girlie weekends should be a compulsory part of every twenty something woman's yearly allowance of frivolity and fun, and that failure to adhere forthwith to all regulations will result in a seriously hormonal and grumpy lady
• And finally, that one of my fondest and happiest moments of 2016 will be found sweaty, on a rock, on top of a hill, in the middle of Shropshire, with a doctor.* Who'd have thought it?
*I wasn't harmed in the making of this memory, I just have ridiculously clever and high achieving best friends. 


So. Here's to nights we will remember (because we're getting old now and the binge-drinking/hangover combo is less enticing when no-one asks you for ID anymore) and friends we'll never forget. Super huge great big love to Fran and Mills for remaining great pals well into adulthood. #BF4E

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