Antibes, South of France

With summer so nearly on its merry little way I am;

a) gleefully counting down the days until I can lay sprawled on a sun lounger in the south of France with nothing but a book, a cocktail, a lack of work and the calming sound of silence to accompany me
b) forcing myself to go to the gym at least three times a week so I don't give any unlucky onlookers the fright of their life and 
c) wondering why it's so easy to polish off an entire packet of mini eggs but then so difficult to sculpt an ab. Such are life's mysterious ways, eh. 

Fun fact: the place we're staying in the south of France this summer is a family friend's villa. Even funner fact: one of its local neighbours? Oh yeah - Johnny Depp. Rest assured my binoculars will be packed alongside my bikinis and sun cream.

Have you ever been to the South of France before?
Where are you off to this summer?


List of things that made me happy this week: 

• my cat
• my cat
• my cat
• my cat

I'm not even one little bit remotely ashamed that this list is less an attempt at humour than it is an actual concrete fact. 

To finish this barrage of #CatAppreciation I leave you with a quote that struck me to be just as poignant as it is profoundly true: “If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are." Well said, Terry Pratchett, well said. 

Any other cat lovers out there?! 
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Thank god for fabulous friends

Little known fact about being friends with a psycho raving photography lover (aka: me): you are never far away from having a camera thrust in your face at any given opportunity and being forced to act candid when all you wanted was a coffee and a slice of cake. Bless my lovely little array of friends that allow me to act out my wildest photographic desires on top of hills, mid bike rides, in garden centres...and in the middle of populated coffee shops. I think I would definitely have punched me in the face by now.

So yeah, I took the day off last Friday and went for a coffee slash spring/summer 2016 collection shoot of that well known fashion house MyBestFriendsCurrentWardrobe instead because #bestfriendscomefirst and #noonelikesworkingonafridayanyway. Isn't she just the most adorable little thing known to man!? #AllHailLydia #ProudBestFriend

As we grow up we realise it is less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones. - Ziad K Abdelnour

Also please spare 5 minutes to appreciate how incredible this little café is. It's called Art Rebellion in Coulsdon and it comes complete with a life size Michael Jackson figurine in full King of Pop attire. And batman and robin artwork made from pennies. And an old piano that has fish swimming in it. Actual live fish. And they do the best velvet cake I have ever in my whole entire 23 years ever ever eaten. If that's not enough to get you to relocate to Surrey then I don't know what is. And even better - you can buy anything that's on display (if you've gotta little bit of $$$ that is - otherwise you can just appreesh from afar, holla). 

What's your favourite best friend pasttime? Does it involve as much cake and coffee as ours!? 
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Keep Calm & Go Geocaching

No but seriously. I know this sport* has got a pretty nerdy reputation and the term geocache evokes visions of men in camel coloured budgie smugglers and awkwardly long socks (for reference) squawking around a map and guffawing at Brendan's inability to calibrate a compass…but, much like shepherds pie sandwiches, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Mikey and I had a solid time this weekend and I am finding it REALLY hard to be sorry about the fact that - brace yourself - I just bloody love a spot of geocaching.  
*F%ck you we’re calling this a sport, goddamnit. 

Right, bear with me on this bit as I try to explain the inner workings of mon état d’ésprit (yep that’s right - French degree and total waste of four years kicking ass right now). Okay, so since having a dog I seem to have developed this odd mentality where it feels strange going for a walk without her. Almost like going for a wander without her incessant lead pulling / pooing / peeing / barking at people on bikes, people in jeans, old people, people in cars, people in leather...feels like a wasted walk.

Geocaching makes aforementioned walk feel a little bit more robust and committed. Like you have this great sense of purpose because you're looking for a bit of plastic hidden in a tree and getting stupidly excited and competitive (read: bloodthirsty) about finding it first. (I can really tell I'm selling this to you right now so just try and hold yourself back from quitting the day job and going geocache extraordinaire full time). So if you've got a couple of hours spare this weekend; download the app, grab a friend and/or picnic and get your geocache on. You genuinely might enjoy it.

Little tip: if you find a 'geocache' that looks astonishingly like a dog poo bag tied to a tree, then it is probably a dog poo bag tied to a tree. Avoid. 

Have you ever been geocaching/would like to try it? Or is this your idea of a total snoozefest? (hey - we're all different, no judgement here). 

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