Laughing all the way to the bank (holiday)

Let me tell you something that I learnt this week: the bank-holiday-weekend feeling is so much sweeter if you a) totally forgot it was coming up; b) absentmindedly arranged a work meeting for 9am on Good Friday and c) received four meeting rejections in the space of a minute because CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS FEASTING RELAXING WINE and a spot of I HOPE YOU’RE NOT COMING IN ON BANK HOLIDAY FRIDAY!!??

Guilty. Yep - I totally forgot it was Easter #SmiteMe. I also forgot the sheer quantity of chocolate that my body is capable of eating. Rest assured that I’m hitting the gym hard (read: relatively hard) this week for the sake of maintaining a steady relationship with my thighs.  

So in a nutshell, my bank holiday consisted of;  drinks with my galpals   •  dinner at Giggling Squid   •  a 6km walk over my cute little hometown hill   •  Sunday-come-Monday lunch    •  lots of wine    •  lots of chocolate   •  lots more wine    •  lots more chocolate   •   a 72hr food coma 

How was your bank holiday weekend?! Tell me what you did, fellas! 

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Spring chicken

When Facebook notified me that it was the first day of spring on Saturday, I actually squealed with excitement. I then shared the post with as many flower emojis as I could find and far, far, far  too many exclamation marks. Spring is the buttercream to my Viccy sponge, the absolute definition of jammy to my dodger and the main reason I manage to resurface again after those dark winter nights.

This also means my wee little bedroom gets its quarterly seasonal make over. Yippee! Queue: bright colours, sunny vibes and general happiness boosting objects. Introducing every lifestyle and portrait photographer's dream book and this ridiculously sassy gold pineapple; both from Amara.

P.S.  Check out my first ever proper chocolate bunny from Mikey. Just look at that cute little face (that I can't wait to carnivorously devour in an impolite and not-first-date-friendly manner the second the clock strikes 12 o'clock on Sunday). 

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll be pleased to know that I did manage to resist that urge to do a post dedicated to how much I love my cat (for now)...however I have squeezed this ^^^ little poppet in. Look at her - my pride and joy, little Susan. She was eyeing up my new shiny pineapple with such vigor that I was genuinely worried she'd skulk off with the thing. Like Susan, I'm really digging gold accents in my room this Spring...they're like little bursts of sunshine everywhere. There's plenty to chose from here if you fancy gettin' golden.

And yes, I have spent the last week positively swooning over the photography and little nuggets of pearly wisdom in this Kate Spade book. The photography is incredible and I don't think I'm being at all over dramatic when I say it's the most splendid, majestic, fabulous, exquisite use of paper I have ever had the pleasure of pawning over. There are so many other gorgeous coffee table books on the Amara website, too. If you're big into photography, like me, I positively command you to have a look.

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Do you love spring as much as me? And I surely can't be the only person who does seasonal bedroom makeovers...!?

DIY Lush shower scrub

Like the rest of the world, I am a fully fledged pioneer of the beautiful wonders of LUSH products. Unfortunately though, the same cannot be said for my wee little bank account who begins looking so sad and weepy mid-month that I just don't have the heart to hit him with an £8.95 shower scrub bill. #Empathy, guys, empathy. 

Soooo...I decided to make my own. For free. And it works pretty damn well even if I do say so myself. Oh, it's also only got three ingredients. And it takes about 20 seconds to make. So there's that, too. 

Sea salt + your favourite body wash + a hint of food colouring = mix it all together. Et voila. Not only does it make your skin just as soft as the original, but you can make it smell however you like by using a different scented shower gel, you can make it as runny as you like by adding extra shower gel and la crème de la crème - it dissolves so no blocked drains! 

I've been making and using these for five weeks now, have been through 3 different colours and scents and am a happy camper and dedicated DIY lover. Time for me to pass on the goodies. Let me know if you give this a go, ladies (and gents). 

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Best ever triple chocco loaf cake

Oooh...well would you just feast your piggy little eyes on this baby! Hands down my absolute all-time favourite little loaf cake to date. I always find that the recipes online just don’t have enough chocolate in them for me so here is my very own super double whammy chocolatey loaf cake. I would say thank me later…but go on – you can thank me now. 


Ingredients: 175g butter  /  175g caster sugar  /  3 eggs  /  200g self-raising flour  /  1 teaspoon baking powder  /  110ml milk  /  4 tablespoons cocoa powder  /  3 teaspoons vanilla extract  /  250g of any chocolate you bloody well like (I used a mixture of kinder, dairy milk and white chocolate) 

Method: Preheat oven to 180c and grease and line a loaf tin. Combine butter, sugar and eggs in a bowl. Slowly add flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and vanilla extract. (Truth be told…I throw all of these items into a large blender and just stick it on for 2 minutes…job done!). Break up your chocolate into bitesized pieces and fold into mixture. Pour into loaf tin and bake for 80 to 90 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. 


I’d love to know if you (a) give this a bake and (b) finish it in two days like I did!!

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Whole Latte Lovin'

I have long been a believer in the power of the mid-week break. That random Wednesday or Thursday that you book off work with no particular purpose or reason. It's like a little hump day pick-me-up that serves you happiness in a way that a three day weekend just cannot compete with.

Anyway, I filled this particular mid-week break with a very typical mid-week break activity; a stroll and coffee with my number one woman, aka my ever loving mother, and the dog, aka Hitler's incarnate dog-child. Other typical mid week break activities that I like to partake in on these specials occasions include:

     lying in bed all day watching Desperate Housewives
     having a long hot bath
     redecorating my bedroom
   •  baking to my hearts content

Amen to the mid week break. Anyone with me on this!?

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Cotswolds, Saturday

Thank the sweet Lord that the phrase you are what you eat is just that - a phrase. Because if it was  true then by day three of our trip to the Cotswolds I would have been a walking talking chocolate croissant with a cup of tea for hair and chocolate Easter egg feet. Yep, when I go on holiday I eat badly (or amazingly - you decide) because errrrybody knows that holiday calories do not count. And I dine out on that fact. Literally.

Saturday was more walking, more coffee shops, more food and even more relaxing. I don't think I could ever get bored of cute British locations. My other Cotswolds posts are here and here. You can also gimme a follow on ye olde Bloglovin' here and converse with my fine ass on Twitter here.