Tuesday afternoon

06 September 2013

Tom and Jo's engagement shoot I

Gem's Wedding

One of my oldest family friends recently asked me to take some photographs at her wedding. Obviously, I absolutely leapt at the chance to be able to freely wander around and take my own photographs instead of having to make sure I wasn't getting in the way of anyone else. It was the most beautiful wedding I think I have, and probably ever will go to. Gem's dress was beyond beautiful and the whole day was an absolute vision of perfection. It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph such an important occasion and it was actually my first day with official wedding photographer status! (Sort of!) Yay!

K & M

Huge massive great big fat blog post with photo's from a wedding I second shot a few weeks back. SO much fun and I learnt a surprising amount from the official photographer which made the whole day wonderful. Such a great experience..I definitely think I want to go into wedding photography. It's beaut.

1940's Moodboard: Alex

Hair and Make up by : Enya Sullivan Make up Artistry