More happy-crying in Paris

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A wise woman once said; "Fuck it, let’s just go to Paris".

Okay maybe it wasn't so wise. And maybe that woman was me. But hey – it’s my life philosophy and I plan to dine out on that little nugget of wisdom for a very, very long time. Because Paris will be beautiful for as long as my passion for Justin Bieber remains lit (which, judging by the tears I cried this weekend at V Festival, is a worryingly long time).




In other news, I’m heading to SW4 this weekend and am looking forward to getting sufficiently trollied to the sort of music that makes my mum turn down the radio and mumble about ‘utter rubbish’ and ‘vacuous noise’ under her breath. And do you know what? I’m going to reeaaaally shitting enjoy it. (Pardon my French). 

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#Caturday 2.0

Saturday, 13 August 2016

So. A little while ago I bit the bullet of social acceptance and decided to dedicate an entire post to my cat. I thought this post would go by largely unnoticed and wholly uneventful but the response was - and I don't mean to toot my own trumpet too much here - absolutely off the mother******* chain. Toot a-tootie toot toot *insert trumpet emoji*. Apparently y'all love feline Fuhrer's just as much as I do. SO, back by popular demand (read: no demand whatsoever but, meh, cats) I present you with #Caturday 2.0. 


Susan is a bit of a babe, amiright? She also woke me up this morning by scratching on the window so we're not on the best of terms and tense words have been spoken. But who can deny those cute lil furry toes? Man, I'm a sucker.  

Any other cat lovers out there?! 
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